MOGI Directors

Stephen Hudson and his family have been a part of Mighty Oaks since its beginning in 2004. Having visited the ministry in Northern Thailand several times, he has felt God's calling to continue what his parents have begun there. Stephen is currently a part-time computer programmer, and spends many of his free hours working on various projects for Mighty Oaks. He and his wife Carolynn were married in 1993 and have 2 wonderful children, a son and a daughter.

Sean is an independent professional and has served as Treasurer to MOGI since 2005. He and his wife Patti are now sponsoring their second child through MOGI, having seen the first all the way through to his position in the Thai military. Sean and Patti were married in 1985, have 2 children and one new grand child (hopefully more to come soon). In his spare time Sean also serves as Treasurer to his home church.

Married to Adam. Have been married since 2005 and a mother to two children. 

Jodi got involved with Mighty Oaks by meeting Carolyn at a women's retreat, and felt the Lord calling her to get involved in this ministry. With her husband they take care of the fundraising of special events. 

Jodi also works in the family business as well as volunteering at their church and school.

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