Our Stories

Fa has lived most of her life with her grandparents after her dad died, a contributing factor being alcoholism and her mom re-married and moved south to work.  Fa’s grandpa works as a gardener and earns about $4-$5 a day and three years ago her grandma died of an undiagnosed disease.  She has been sponsored by Mighty Oaks since she was in Primary School.

Milk’s story is very sad as her dad was placed in prison for life because the police stopped his delivery truck and found addicting drugs in a drawer of a table he was delivering to a customer. As a result, Milk and her brother lived with her mom who made very little income, making about $5 a day as a gardener on the days when she could find work. Milk was a Primary student when she began her Educational sponsorship with Mighty Oaks.

Sunan lived with her mom and dad who earned very little money working in the fields and babysitting. Sunan was the top academic student in Chiang Mai province and we were so delighted to assist her, making University studies a reality she could pursue.

She was very active with Campus Crusade for Christ while in University and excelled with her studies at Chiang Mai University where she was enrolled in Humanities Faculty with an English major.

Joy lived with her mom and dad who work hard in the fields to prepare sticky rice that they can sell at the market daily. Joy was so thankful to receive sponsorship for education as she would not have been able to continue in school without help.

Mint was in primary school when she was first sponsored. She lived with her mom and dad, older sister, and grandparents. When both her mom and dad were working in the gardens, they earned a combined wage of about $90 a month which was for a family of six.

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